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Shenbaganur Museum Kodaikanal

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It is a fine flora and fauna museum at Shenbaganur, 5.6 km away from Kodaikanal. The museum is run by sacred heart college, a theological seminary founded in 1895. A visit to the museum is a must for people visiting Kodaikanal. The museum has got a collection of several hundred specimens of butterflies, moths, snakes and mammals. Anthropologists will be delighted to see many photographs and models of dolemms tombs and funeral urns of pre historic people of Palani Hills. There is also a herbarium having 2500 plants and a mass garden. Also here is one of the best orchidoriums in the country, having 300 species of trees and flower gardens. The two gardens have trees of special scientific value. There is a collection of 300 varieties of timber, besides illustrations of plants of Palani Hills.

The orchidorium is open for visitors from 10 am to 12 noon and 3 pm to 5 pm daily (except on Sundays).

The museum was named after A-Anglade an European Student of institute of natural history. The museum also has a wide collection of birds, butterflies, mammals and reptiles.

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