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La Saleth Church Kodaikanal

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                                      Kodaikanal ,is a hill station memorable for its attractive and antique churches .its affluent christian conventions and culture,still stands of the first churches is the "mother saleth "church ,which ages  close to 133 years .an extraordinary celebration takes places at la sallette church every year on the 14th and 15th of August .this brings about the conclusion of a Nine -day festival .this celebration attracts worshipers from entire south India, irrespective of religion,creed or faith.the festival is distinct by means of extraordinary service and a special procession.

                                      The spiritual grace of the churches in kodaikanal adds more value to the natural beauty of the surroundings and provides not just inner but artistic fulfillment as well .Father louis saint ceer holds the fame of being the first catholic priest of sallette mada church father louis is a part of the christ church.he visited kodaikanal in 1852 for the first time,travelling by horse for 4 days crossing thunders and heavy rain.When he arrived at kodaikanal,only baynes ,parker,clark ,parday bugalows were there .after looking at this situation he returned to the plains .in the year 1860,father louis sait came with his father Rettary and stayed in Banyes bungalow at kodaikanal on may 24th.

                                                 After few days they gained the ownership of the bayes bungalow under their accountability on 29th September .that bungalow was then converted as rest house for the association of christ church .father Rettary became the first president of the church La-Providence,a lady ,gave 20000 rupees as contribution for reconstruction the bungalow .So Baynes Bungalow was then called as La-Providence .However the building is sold out now .In 1858,Father saint ceer was seriously affected by viral fever .with lot of trust and hope he prayed to the lady of La sallette .Soon the priest's Health improved and vowed to setup a church in India that would look alike the church of La Sallette in france.He desired to select the mountainous region kodakanal to form this special house of god because the church he wished to imitate encased within  the great mountain rains of the Alps.

This church was erected as an endowment to his heeling and to heel other as well.The base for the mother sallette church was laid on 1865 FEB 28.In the same year March 17 the building work was started with the blessings of father saint ceer .In 1866 the day ,When brother Lamothy built the body of the church ,thank's offering was fulfilled .In the year 1866 ,the last sunday of may ,Sallette Madha Church was devoted by Keanos .This is the first pilgrimage site in india for mother sallette .So from 1866  onward every last sunday of may ,the festival was celebrated for mother sallette .huge mass of people used to travel from plains for 3days to get to mother sallette church

                                         Mrs.Kacondys helped hand to erect sallette matha church .Her busy daughter fell ill and was cured by the water of sallette inty by the advice of saint  ceer .To show him the gratefulness she contributed some amount which served as great support for raising the church .In the year 1869 MrNatigan the engineer at dindigul donated 19 acres of ground for mother sallette church .The entrance of mother sallette church was established in the year 1883 and through 1884 &1885 the church was extended by 5 mtrs by its sides and square bell tower and the front part is affixed with numerous spires that end in the figure of the cross and was also established .The sculpture of the mother sallette  was gifted to john,the Baptist by fara bishop of grenoble .Holy Michael's sculpture was given as a commemorative statue to father Michael Besard .Father saint ceer  expired on January 17th ,1887 .his divine body was burried at the entrance of the mother sallette church

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La saleth church kodaikanal is situated at a distance of  2kms from kodaikanal bus stand. an extraordinary celebration takes places at la saleth church every year on the 14th and 15th of August .this brings about the conclusion of a Nine -day festival .this celebration attracts worshipers from entire south India,

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