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Lose your heart to kodai hills

Kodaikanal Sightseeing

Kodaikanal -Pricess of hill station  has its own scenic beauty and it has the attribute to leave any nature lover mesmerized by its charms. We have selected a great range of kodaikanal sightseeing tour to help you discover this exciting city.We have the kodaikanal sightseeing tour to suit you all at guaranteed Low Price.

Valley Tour 

  • Coaker's Walk 
  • Green Valley view
  • Golf Course
  • Pillar Rock
  • Devil's Kitchen
  • Pine Forest 
  • Moier Point  
  • Upper Lake View
  • Kurinji Andavar Temple
  • Palani View  
  • Chettiar Park
  • Bryant Park 
  • Kodaikanal Lake.

Picnic Tour

  • La saleth Chruch
  • 500 years old tree
  • Dolpine Nose
  • Mountain beaty
  • Lion cave
  • Pambar falls 
  • Shopping
  • Echo rock.

Forest Tour

  • Obeservatory pine forest
  • Gundar falls (Neptune pool)
  • Poombarai village view
  • Mahalakshmi temple
  • Lake view
  • Palani view

Wildways Tour

  • Silent Valley View
  • Fire Tower 
  • Berijam Lake View  
  • Cap's Fly Valley 
  • Berijam Lake.