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Devil's Kitchen  | Guna Caves, Kodaikanal 

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"Old bones make new homes of creatures unknown(devil's)"

Guna Cave are popular by the tamil movie guna,previsously called devil's kitchen are deep bat -infested chambers between the three gigantic boulders that are the pillar rocks.the deep narrow ravines of the caves are now closed to public due to the tragic deaths of twelve youths .these dangerous caves are highly protected now and tourists can see section of the cave system from a the late 1970's the inside of the caves was well photographed.

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Devil's kitchen-Guna cave kodaikanal is situated at a distance of 7.5kms from kodaikanal bus stand.A cave known more to the locals,Watch out for the deep hidden ravines.what would appear like mere dark gutters are actually a deep fall.many unsuspecting people have fallen prey to the "devil's trap"   "watch your steps"

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