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Best time to visit Ooty

Ideal time to visit Ooty

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The peak season for enjoying sightseeing and other tourist activities are the times between April to June and from September to October.

June to August is good time for enjoying the greenery and the scenic beauty of the place.

November to January Months can be a quite cold but can have enjoyable sightseeing and Ideal time for Honeymoon trip to ooty. 

Ooty During January -Winter
-Love the nature & adventure-

Ooty During March -Summer 
-Season to dream-

Ooty During May - Summer 
-Enjoy mother nature of Ooty-

Ooty During July -Monsoon 

Ooty During September - Monsoon -Rain to Love-

Ooty During November -Winter 
-clouds with rain-

During February
-Different climate to enjoy -

Ooty During April -Summer 
-Enjoy the holidays in Ooty-

Ooty During June -Monsoon 
-With Wonderfull rain a day-

Ooty During August 
-Rain to love-

Ooty During October 
-Monsoon -Chill out-

Ooty During December -Winter 
-Enjoy your Honeymoon-